We curate the wisdom of exceptionally rare indigenous ancient medicinal plants into the most exquisite products that help to boost the body's defense mechanisms; renew the skin; minimize signs of aging; and impart a holistic sense of well-being and vitality.




5 stars! Before this product, my face became oily very quickly during the day and was prone to breakouts and pimples. I was also on Retin-A which I stopped because it made my skin blotchy and uneven but then I started breaking out even more. I found and started using Kokoberna. I use the serum at night and the oil in the morning. A little drop goes a long way.  The investment was worth it. My face is producing less oil throughout the day. My glow has returned. I hope they keep making this product because I will keep buying it.

My skin is thanking me every day! I am in my 30s, have extremely pale, sensitive skin that tends to pigment and recently had a baby so my skin took a huge hit. THEN CAME KOKOBERNA! The first application of the oil and serum was shocking! They absorbed immediately soothing my irritated and sad skin and relieved tautness and redness almost immediately. Relief! My skin started showing signs of life - glowing!  Since then, I stopped using all my strong acidic peels. I simply cleanse my skin then use the serum and oil under my makeup.

Finally my skin is happy :-)

I LOVE THESE! The set of Serum and Oil came in a beautiful box with a handwritten note, which makes it very personal and special.  I have oily skin and I've tried many expensive products before and they always leave your face shiny. This is the only one that doesn't. In the mornings I use Facial Serum and I love it too. It has a very nice and smooth texture. Doesn't feel sticky on the skin after applying it. Gives nice hydration throughout the day. I used it before applying make up. You can tell that these are well worth the investment.

The texture is very rich - no more acne! I've been using the milk cleanser and I LOVE it!!! The texture is very rich! Usually a week before my period I start having acne... this time since using the milk cleanser, it is much better. I Really LOVE the face oil too. I also ordered more and gave as gifts to my mom.

Improved my complexion. This is a great facial product. I have been using the face serum and face oil since they arrived and have received several unsolicited comments from friends on how great my complexion is. My skin tone has improved a lot. Feels lovely on...  and beautifully packaged. Will order more as gifts.

Amazing luxurious products that always deliver on quality. Everything I have tried so far from the kokoberna brand has been simply amazing. The packaging is beautiful and sustainable but I've kept all my boxes and reuse them for nicks and knacks because I don't have the heart to recycle them. The quality of the products is always consistent and natural. My skin says thank you!!!

Instant results for dry skin. I am a business executive at an age where I have to pay close attention to my appearance. I discovered these product range and was pleasantly surprised.  My skin was severely dry, dehydrated like leather, with many fine lines from sun damage. The oil and serum instantly made my skin appear vibrant, and diminished most of the lines across my forehead and the corners of my eyes. My skin has never felt this nourished even after flying cross-country for business! This oil and serum combination seemed to have an all-day hydrating effect... I was pleasantly surprised.


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