A Lifetime of Healthy Beautiful Skin

KOKOBÉRNA explores the art of ancient beauty rituals, owned ancestral recipes maintained over the centuries in a tradition of excellence, and ultimate small-batch luxury experience using the most exclusive, high-quality indigenous nutrient-filled West African plant materials to rebuild and strengthen the skin barrier.

Nurture your skin with care.

Restore skin to a healthy radiant state.

Expressions of Joy from Real Customers

The first application of the oil immediately relived redness from my prescribed acidic peels which were extremely harsh on my skin. Since then, I've stopped using the acidic peels. I simply cleanse my skin then use the serum and oil in different combinations under my makeup.

I've been using the milk cleanser and I LOVE it!!! The texture is very rich! Usually a week before my periods I start having acne... this time since using the milk cleanser, it is much better. I Really LOVE the face oil too. I also ordered two more and gave as gifts to my mom.

My skin was severely dry, dehydrated like leather, with many fine lines. The oil and serum instantly made my skin appear vibrant, and diminished most of the lines across my forehead and the corners of my eyes. My skin has never felt this nourished even after flying cross-country for business!

This is a great facial product. I have been using the face serum and face oil since they arrived and have received several unsolicited comments from friends on how great my complexion is. My skin tone has improved a lot. Feels lovely on...  and beautifully packaged. Will order more as gifts.