"These work!!! I swim, run, bike, and garden in the sun all summer! My sunburned and wrinkled forehead is now smooth! I LOVE the face oil, the refreshing face mist, and the detox tea. They all work and highly recommend."


"Absolutely in love with the serum which makes my skin look so beautiful when wearing it. My skin feels dewy and stays moisturized all day long. The serum has a wonderful natural, earthy smell that even my husband likes."


"I love the mist. It’s light, refreshing, and makes my skin feel soft. I see the difference using these products morning and evening. For my night regimen, I apply the oil then the mist. My skin loves me in the morning."


"I didn't think that a cleansing balm would make my skin cleaner than a foaming cleanser. This is my second bottle and it's one of my essentials. In Winter, I use the balm morning and night, and at night in Spring and Summer."


"The ritual of drinking this tisane most certainly helped manage my stress levels, got rid of some inflammation from my injuries, and I was able to sleep peacefully! There's nothing else on the market better than this. A must!”


Divine Bath & Body Rituals

Hand-crushed grains, organic essential oils, and oceanic minerals for soft, smooth, radiant skin

The Ritual of Tea

Premium 100% certified organic tisanes for wellness + immunity + hormone support

Your Crowning Glory

The head is often seen as the seat of power, the crown chakra. Caring for your scalp with our collection of treatments allows hair to holistically flourish and grow, inside out outside in.

A Path Into The Calm

We Teach Silent, Mantra, and Movement Meditation

The Heritage Collection

A decadent experience of healthy skin and well-being for all people.


KOKOBÉRNA is a portmanteau that implies "mother's daughter - strong, brave one"

Since 1611, KOKOBÉRNA is West Africa’s luxury house and wellness lifestyle brand. Our unique heritage represents the sacred wisdom of herbal and traditional medicinal knowledge backed by science and advanced through the generations. We curate a heritage library of ancestral family-owned remedies that span over 400-years and bio-dynamically alchemize the subtle energies of indigenous medicinal plants, nocturnal flowers, and botanical seed oils over a lunation to create the most exquisite portfolio of therapeutic organic products and design integrative spa + wellness therapies that holistically balance and rejuvenate body + mind + spirit™. KOKOBÉRNA is an invitation to transcend the sands of time and experience a deep-rooted sense of calm, well-being, and vitality from the outside in inside out.

A force for moving humanity forward, we pledge every experience, bottle, and jar sold to empower women, support our communities, and advocate for Mother Earth.