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Customers Who LOVE Our Products

"Prior to bed, I applied the face oil and was surprised to feel smooth hydrated skin the next morning. What makes it special from other face oils I’ve used before is the feeling of great nourishment and hydration without the oily shine!"


Customers Who LOVE Our Products

"These are great facial products. Ever since I began using them, I've received several unsolicited comments from friends on how great my complexion is. Feels lovely on..."


Customers Who LOVE Our Products

"I've been using the cleanser and I LOVE it!!! The texture is very rich! Usually a week before my periods I start having acne... this time since using the cleanser, it is much much better. Wow! LOVE."


Customers Who LOVE Our Products

The first application of the oil immediately relived redness from my acidic peels. Since then, I've stopped using the acidic peels. I simply cleanse my skin then use the serum and oil in different combinations under my makeup."


Customers Who LOVE Our Products

"The oil and serum combo made my skin appear vibrant, and diminished some of the lines across my forehead and the corners of my eyes. My skin felt nourished even after flying cross-country for business!"


The Beauty of Our Ancestral Heritage

Since the early 1600s and throughout the ages, our ancestors, the traditional monarchs of Old Calabar Kingdom, created divine skin care treatments for daughters of aristocratic families during rites of passage.

Blessed with this exquisite heritage that has withstood the test of time, a collection of 400-year old family-owned herbal recipes passed down through the ages, the women-led West African farming cooperatives and companies we partner with, and the special care in which we meticulously handcraft our sacred skincare jewels,

we welcome you to the CASA KOKOBÉRNA® family.

10 Million.

Ancestral West African Botanical Skincare for the Smoothest Most Radiant Skin You Will Ever Experience.

To discover these exquisite objects of luxury is to participate in a sacred ritual that restores skin’s vitality and transcends the sands of time