• The Science of Ancient West African Skin Care Rituals

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Customer Review

Prior to bed, I applied the face oil and was surprised to feel smooth hydrated skin the next morning. What makes it special from other face oils I’ve used before is the feeling of great nourishment and hydration without the oily shine!


The oil and serum combo made my skin appear vibrant, and diminished some of the lines across my forehead and the corners of my eyes. My skin felt nourished even after flying cross-country for business! 


Customer Review

5 stars! Before this product, I had a face that became oily very quickly during the day and was prone to pimples so was prescribed retin A for a year and a half. I stopped the retin A because it made my skin blotchy and uneven but my skin resumed breaking out again. I started using Kokoberna and the investment was worth it. As long as I use the oil & serum combo, I keep pimples at bay. My face is producing less oil and its glow has returned. I hope they keep making this product because I will keep buying it.


Customer Review

I've been using the cleanser and I LOVE it!!! The texture is very rich! Usually a week before my periods I start having acne... this time since using the cleanser, it is much much better. Wow! LOVE.


Customer Review

The first application of the oil immediately relived redness from my acidic peels. Since then, I've stopped using the acidic peels. I simply cleanse my skin then use the serum and oil in different combinations under my makeup. 


CASA KOKOBÉRNA was born out of a desire to share with the world exquisite West African skin care rituals that work to hold back the sands of time.

Kôkóèkà - means “mother’s daughter” in Efįk

Bernadette - means “strong, brave as a bear” in French


We celebrate, uplift, and delight women everywhere.

Women who are strong, brave, and caring.


With time-honored handcrafted skincare products that capture the science of ancient West African alchemy and transformative mental empowerment tools to strengthen your inner world, KOKOBÉRNA women are able to realize their fullest individual potential, and as a collective, to make the biggest impact on a global scale.


We pay it forward contributing 5% of annual sales to select partners who have proven excellence in driving forward our mission to uplift and delight 10 million women worldwide.

Our 2019 partners are Indego AfricaGirls Opportunity Alliance, & Girls, Inc.


Apply your skincare products, lift your chin up, #kokoberna


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