Nicolle Pritchard, Mom & Interior Designer

Meet Nicolle - Pia's Mom, Interior Designer

Since winning our recent featured giveaway, we've gotten to know Nicolle pretty well and excited to have such an informed advocate for women's health, motherhood, and good design. When we asked her if she was interested in sharing why winning a KOKOBÉRNA Giveaway was important to her, she responded with the following statement: 

"I became more aware of what I am putting in and on my body once I got pregnant with Pia. I wanted to avoid any toxins, and stay very healthy. Since becoming a mother I noticed that my skin is not as moisturized as before, and it also appears dull. It's hard to find products that can treat your problems but also have clean ingredients. So happy that KOKOBÉRNA exists, and very happy to try the products!"

We shipped Nicolle her giveaway prize and four days later, she shared her experience with DIVINE ORIGIN Cleansing Milk:

"After just using this for the first time my skin is glowing! I was rubbing it on and a ball of dead skin formed — even after using my other scrub twice a week I still had all of this on my face! After I washed off the cleanser, you could clearly see the difference. I am sold!"

Nicolle is mom to Pia and an interior designer who lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband, Brad.

Follow their adventures on instagram @_peaandme_

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