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The African proverb states “A good name is better than riches.” In ancient Africa, and in today’s modern African societies, when a child is born, its name is a reflection of its essence, its crown, what it is destined to do in life. 

A child’s name is usually not ordained until sometime after birth where the personality is better determined and only during a naming ceremony where every member of the tribe comes bearing gifts and to partake of this sacred rite of passage offering prayers of long life and prosperity over the child and pay homage to the child’s ancestors. In some instances, names are chosen not by parents but by the elder men and women of the tribe because the meaning of the name is of significance considering the date and time of birth and the child’s lineage.

In the grandest of fashion, the child’s name is announced to the entire tribe with a detailed breakdown and explanation on the meaning of the name. The child is then raised high above the head and presented to Olofi/Àbàsì/the Supreme Being. In all cases across the continent, members of the tribe spend the rest of the day offering symbolic gifts from nature such as the revered indigenous kola nut, cowries, and coral as symbolism of prosperity and to prepare the child for its future. There is much dancing, feasting, and joyful celebrations; for the child is now allowed to share in the full privileges and duties of the tribe.

Kǒkóèkà – our founder's tribal name has a rich ancient history in the Efịk culture, one of many tribes and languages in Nigeria, and translates “mother’s daughter” and Bernadette - named after Saint Bernadette of Lourdes that was given during our founder’s coming of age rite of confirmation, translates “brave as a bear”. Therefore, KOKOBÉRNA “mother’s daughter – strong and brave one”.

It is our belief the origin of our name reflects the essence of our brand and its heritage; an ideal that mirrors the substance of the KOKOBÉRNA Woman – a contemporary woman who harnesses both her feminine and masculine qualities in how she effects change in her family, her tribe, the world.  

Similar to the complex, opulent origin of KOKOBÉRNA and its beautiful meaning that transcends the sands of time, our proprietary formulas and superb craftsmanship utilize a portfolio of ancient indigenous African botanicals, nocturnal flowers, and medicinal bush plants to create an exquisite collection of natural organic beauty and wellness remedies that promise a deep-rooted holistic sense of well-being and vitality.

May you always be #kokobernabeautiful.

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KOKOBÉRNA is a portmanteau that implies "mother's daughter - strong, brave one"

Since 1611, KOKOBÉRNA is West Africa’s luxury beauty and integrative wellness lifestyle brand. Our unique heritage represents the sacred wisdom of herbal and traditional medicinal knowledge backed by science and advanced through the generations. We curate a heritage library of ancestral family-owned remedies that span over 400-years and bio-dynamically alchemize the subtle energies of indigenous medicinal plants, nocturnal flowers, and botanical seed oils over a lunation to create the most exquisite portfolio of therapeutic organic products and complementary spa + wellness therapies that holistically balance and rejuvenate body + mind + spirit™. KOKOBÉRNA is an invitation to transcend the sands of time and experience a deep-rooted sense of calm, well-being, and vitality from the outside in inside out.

A force for moving humanity forward, we pledge every purchase to empower women, support our communities, and advocate for Mother Earth.