Stress and the skin’s surface

The human face is like a book-it tells a story.

Skin is permeable, and as mercurial as our moods. Skin is the filter through which we sift and absorb all that surrounds us. Changes in climate, hormones, indoor and outdoor pollutants, medications and other skin stressors upset the skin’s delicate lipid structure and composure, which can bring about unwanted changes.

During times of stress the body produces more cortisol which can unduly affect the skin. Busy periods may also cause us to skip our usual skin care routine, and can exacerbate issues. We must pay attention to our skin; understand the signs that it is stressed, dehydrated or in need of additional nourishment and respond quickly to modify our routine.

Following our divine ritual as a calming routine before bed, our emollient facial treatment oil can be gently massaged into cleansed damp skin to repair and balance distressed skin while you sleep. The synergistic blend of indigenous West African plant oils and essential oils such as African Baobab, African Leaf Buckthorn Berry, Immortelle Helichrysum and African Blue Chamomile, are excellent for helping to ease the stress, tiredness, and anxiety as well as treat the various conditions that can manifest themselves on the skin because of difficult emotional experiences-red blotches, deepening wrinkles, spots, dryness, tautness, dehydration, and flaky patches. 

Spots, blemishes, wrinkles, dryness are minimized, the skin feels better because you feel better about yourself, emotionally and physically, you will look and feel younger because you are better able to relax the skin. Although results are instant, allow a little longer for the radiance to come back to your skin and for the revitalization to be complete.

Our philosophy to skin care

KokoBerna’s mission is to unequivocally make a positive impact in people’s lives using the highest-quality plant ingredients that heal, nourish, and inspire healthy beautiful skin. It is founded on the philosophical understanding that the wellbeing of your skin is first and foremost, with the products to offer protection, and an attitude to consciously live a thoughtfully-composed way of life. 

May you always be beautiful.

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