The struggle is real and the solutions are in each and every one of us.

The world needs more women to be alchemists; transmuting the pain and dissolving the narrative to step into and fully embrace our individual feminine power so we all can collectively create and participate in a gentler world.

We are not only more than capable of this quest, we are WOMAN. We should not expect the hierarchy to free us or give us equity — as we continue to take leadership of ourselves and compassionately stand in our truth, we begin to free ourselves from the perceived and real limitations.

It means we might have to take a step back from the current approach and reevaluate. It means we must inspire and uplift each other in every moment. It means we honor ourselves and take the time to heal past traumas always seeking grace, so our inner compass is rock solid and aligned with Spirit. It means we always come together as comrades and not competitors, hand-in-hand, and march — into a gentler world, heads held high, truly knowing our worth.

It is only when both WOMAN and MAN can balance their masculine and feminine energies can there be a holistic world, an equal give and take. When enlightened men who are “woke” and have done the deep healing of their own childhood and life traumas, compassionately step up and speak up; because they too have mothers, sisters, and daughters whom they love dearly without fear, without hate, without manipulation, without abuse, without ego.

We all must recognize that half the world’s population of 8 billion is WOMAN raising the other half.

So, every day when you see a woman, make your heart smile and send blessings her way knowing that God made WOMAN in his image and likeness with so much joy in his heart just as equally as he made MAN.


A short essay written by Belinda Kokoeka Bassey Ephraim, originally published on Medium






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