The best most effective herbal detox tea handcrafted with traditional medicinal herbs.
CLEANDETOX™ Fundamental Pranayama
CLEANDETOX™ Fundamental Pranayama

CLEANDETOX™ Fundamental Pranayama

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TASTE PROFILE: Bitter, Alkaline
Caffeine-free + stimulant-free

CLEANDETOX™ Fundamental Pranayama is a proprietary blend of 100% certified organic therapeutic herbs, phytonutrients, and adaptogens in a premium full leaf + seed + flower + bark + root tisane™ that helps to detoxify, strengthen, and synergistically support peak function of the brain-liver-gut axis^.

  • Release accumulated toxins in liver^
  • Metabolize fat tissue and lose resistant weight^
  • Minimize chronic inflammation in the body^
  • Rejuvenate the brain, lungs, bones, and tissues^
  • Aids melatonin production so you sleep better^
  • Flush out excess mucus from respiratory pathways^
  • Holistically support detoxification pathways^
  • Multiply digestive flora and nourish gut microbiome^
  • Improve the way you handle stress^

*Certified Organic Content: 100%
Vegan: Does not contain animal-derived components
NO fillers. NO added synthetic flavors. 
NO preservatives. NO animal testing.

A little goes a long way. KOKOBÉRNA therapeutic botanical skincare and wellness lifestyle products are nutrient-rich and potentized through a proprietary bio-dynamically enhanced handcrafted process that lasts a lunation (30 days) and elevates the medicinal value of the indigenous bioactive plant ingredients we use.

^These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


The noble art of brewing a tisane is of supreme importance. To honor the aesthetic tranquility of one’s self-care ritual and to fully draw out the essence, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and aromatic volatile oils that offer cell-rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory, and beautifying properties, we recommend a longer steeping time than that which is typically experienced in western herbalism.

¼ tsp. of herbs to 1 cup of water.


  • Place ¼ tsp. serving of herbs into a saucepan
  • Pour 1 cup fresh spring water over herbs
  • Cover the saucepan
  • Heat the water and herbs over a low flame
  • Do not boil, simmer for 45-60 minutes
  • Strain, discard the herbs, and enjoy


    • Bring 1 cup fresh spring water to a boil
    • Remove from heat, set aside 1 minute
    • Pour hot water over ¼ tsp. serving of herbs
    • Steep covered for 45-60 minutes or overnight
    • Strain, discard the herbs, and enjoy
          Tea needs a master hand to bring out its noblest qualities
          • Best temperature for herbal tea is ~ 80°C/176°F
          • Covering herbs, while brewing, holds in delicate plant oils that contain healing compounds
          • When decocting, we recommend a stainless steel saucepan on the lowest simmer setting without boiling. Copper pots and earthenware are also recommended. Aluminum and non-stick cookware should never be used because these are coated metals that are easily absorbed into the body.
          • To ensure their proper assimilation, it is best to follow our moderate dosage recommendations. Feel free to adjust up/down as needed.
          • Consume no more than 2 cups of herbal tea in a 24-hour period.
          • Limit consumption of alcohol while ingesting herbal products.
          • A lot of thought has been put into our compound herbal formulas.
            • It is why we spend more than thirty days bio-dynamically syncing each batch to its highest frequencies, why our specific method strengthens the synergistic effects of our potentized herbal blends to bring vitality to those who appreciate the fine art of nature.
            • In everything we do, we are maniacal about the details and therefore we do not recommend making “ice tea”, microwaving the tea, or adding sweeteners; yes, even natural sweeteners such as stevia, monk fruit, etc.
            • Allow the therapeutic effects of the tisanes to work and please enjoy responsibly.


          • Limit consumption of alcohol
          • Limit consumption of mucous-forming foods
          • Incorporate more colorful plant food sources into your diet
          • Stay hydrated


                CLEANDETOX Fundamental Pranayama Tisane
                Reverence for the tradition of ancient tea cultures

                *Moringa Leaf (Moringa oleifera), *Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica), *Parsley Leaf (Petroselinum crispum), *Alfalfa Leaf (Medicago sativa), *Echinacea Root (Echinacea angustifolia), *Red Clover Blossoms (Trifolium pratense), *Cascara Sagrada Bark (Frangula purshiana), *Pau D’arco Bark (Tabebuia impetiginosa), *Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale), *Wild Harvested Guinea Pepper (Aframomum melegueta), *Blessed Thistle (Cnicus benedictus), *Dandelion Root (Taraxacum officinale), *Fenugreek Seed (Trigonella foenum-graecum), *Whole Mullein Leaf and Whole Flowers (Verbascum thapsus), and *Chickweed (Stellaria media).

                * Certified Organic Content: 100%

                ^These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Caution is recommended when consuming tisanes (herbal tea) while on any medication, as the herbal formula could both potentiate as well as diminish the effects of any prescribed drug/medication uptake^ so use good common sense and enjoy responsibly. As with all supplements, we recommend you consult a qualified physician or healthcare practitioner before using herbal products particularly if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, consuming alcohol, or are taking prescribed medications and/or have a medical condition. Not for use in persons with hypertension, auto-immune disease, liver disorders, edema, severe kidney insufficiency, low blood potassium, or heart disease. Take a week-long break between replenishments. Keep away from children.

                Eco-Packaging: All our boxes are made from 100% post-consumer paper and 100% recyclable. Once  you are done with your product, please separate the labels, dropper tips, pumps, and caps from the glass vessels before placing it in the recycling bin. However, we strongly encourage repurposing your KOKOBÉRNA glass vessels as bud vases, storing jewelry, hairpins, or staples. KOKOBÉRNA apothecary jars make attractive vases and worthy vessels to house delicate food staples in your pantry.

                Our heritage collection of products are exclusively handcrafted in-house with meticulous attention to detail using high-quality therapeutic and nutrient-rich ingredients sourced from origin because product freshness is mission-critical and of the utmost importance to our customers. Thank you for supporting our business and may you always be #kokobernabeautiful.


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                Ever since I was furloughed from the pandemic, I became depressed, stressed, and overwhelmed. Thankfully I had the privilege of trying this tea and it all changed from there. I almost immediately had enough energy to play with my son, I was also able to finally sleep peacefully! The ritual of drinking this tea most certainly helped manage my stress levels. I am ever so grateful for this! I also was undergoing some pain and inflammation from my injuries and this tea was successful to help rid of some inflammation. It has been super supportive in both my energy levels as well as my gut too. This has been an overall privilege and experience to try this tea. I couldn't find anything else on the market better than their teas. A must try!

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                Dear Elisabete,

                Such an incredible feeling of gratitude learning how our tisanes made such a wonderful impact in your life and those of your loved ones. We are a small business here at KOKOBÉRNA and every bit of feedback like this does so much to help us.

                We’re very grateful for customers like you and hope you stick with us for years to come!

                Thanks again!

                • The KOKOBÉRNA Team

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