Uncomplicated skin care for men

KOKOBÉRNA RITUAL™ Gentlemen Who Shave

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Uncomplicated three-step skincare for gentlemen who shave.

50ML Milk + 50ML Toner + 15ML Oil

An effective yet simple skin fitness regimen for gentlemen who prize immaculate presentation and upkeep.

    • Eliminate blackheads and balance oiliness
    • Improve shaving and lessen redness
    • Prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps
    • Protect and restore natural moisture levels
    • High concentrations of skin-repairing ingredients
    • Soothe, hydrate, and preserve your skin's softness

    For full product ingredients and how to use:

    *Certified Organic Content: 96%
    Naturally-occurring constituents in aroma-therapeutic grade essential oils
    Vegan: Does not contain animal-derived components
    NO colorants. NO mineral oils. NO silicones. 
    NO added synthetic fragrances. NO added gluten. 
    NO parabens. NO phthalates. NO animal testing.




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