Skin Care Luxuries

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    A therapeutic and corrective skin care experience for all.
    We believe ingredients matter and that the formula is queen, not the key ingredients. Our highly effective therapeutic organic skincare and indulgent body care products are rooted on the formulation principles of corneotherapy - the core principle of which takes an individualized approach to repairing the skin’s stratum corneum, keeping intact the lipid barrier, and maintaining a healthy constant state of the skin’s barrier defense systems. Without a healthy skin barrier, disrupted skin barrier defense systems encourage structural inflammation, accelerated signs of aging, and abnormal trans epidermal water loss from the skin’s surface.
    This is why KOKOBÉRNA skin care products are extremely effective and superior. They keep the epidermis and it’s lipid barrier intact at all times. This approach of retaining the integrity of the epidermis ensures the skin’s defense and immune systems are not stimulated unnecessarily and that the therapeutic actions of our indigenous organic botanical ingredients and bio active cosmeceuticals work from the outer layers inward.