Skin Care Advice

Are there differences between a face oil, serum, and moisturizer?

Are KokoBerna products good for dry skin?

Are KokoBerna products good for rosacea and acne-prone skin?

Are KokoBerna products good for sensitive, evenly balanced skin?

Are KokoBerna products safe to use during pregnancy?

What cleanser & toner should I use?

What if I have an adverse reaction?

Will KokoBerna products aggravate existing sensitivities?

Product & Ingredient Information

Can I use either of the KokoBerna products in place of eye cream?

Can I use KokoBerna products under makeup?

Can I use the Regenerating Face Oil with retinol at night?

How do I incorporate the Regenerating Face Oil into my routine?

How should I store my KokoBerna products?

Shelf life

Do KokoBerna products contain plastic microbeads?

Where can I obtain a complete list of ingredients?