The Benefits of Reiki

Whether you are searching for relaxation, healing, or spiritual growth, a YEMỌJA by KOKOBÉRNA™ Reiki treatment can be a revelation.

Biofield & Energy Therapy

According to The Journal of Integrative and Complementary Medicine, biofield therapies are scientifically proven to offer a novel, non-invasive approach to treating chronic diseases based on assessing and adjusting an individual’s physiological and emotional responses through their bio-energetic field.

Biofield therapies are based on the philosophy that humans have an energetic dimension. Such therapies are believed to balance out disturbance in the energy field caused by physical and psychologic symptoms. Indigenous systems of healing such as African, Ayurvedic, Chinese, Japanese, Native American, and Meso-American medicine, which go back thousands of years, rest on these concepts of a vital force or subtle life energy that is central to healing.

In his frequently cited article, Dr. Levin – a trained epidemiologist and professor who comfortably operates in the intersection of religion, science, and spirituality, states several therapeutic procedures, based on the use of the hands to sense and alter endogenous biofields, have been and scientifically reviewed with the goal of integrating these energy therapies to complement allopathic medicine to improve physical and psychological health. In his research and literary contributions, he points out, the most practiced of these biofield therapies are Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Tai Chi, and qi gong.

Another review recently published in the Global Advances in Health and Medicine Journal (2015) concludes that the evidence base regarding clinical effectiveness of biofield therapies is strongest in symptom management for pain and cancer (the two conditions that received the most study) and evidence is promising for clinical populations with arthritis, dementia, and heart disease.

The Interconnectedness of Our Existence

All aspects of our existence is interconnected. When you experience healing and deep transformation, it is not just one aspect of yourself, but many small and interconnected aspects, that are moving back into balance with one another. At this point, your body is alleviated from the stress, pain, or dysfunction that you were experiencing.

You, as a living breathing thing, an individual, are one of those interconnected aspects of your community, and your community is an interconnected component of your culture, and that culture interconnects with other cultures to create the world that you and your friends and your family live in. Once you become more balanced, your friends may become more balanced, and then the domino effect of good health will be repeated throughout the networks within your community, culture, and eventually the world.

Furthermore, this interconnectedness occurs not just at the human level. In nature, plants, animals and insects, the mountains, rivers, soil, and plains – all interconnect with humanity to create a healthy, balanced cosmos.

The quality of your existence begins with you. Once you create this healthy balance within yourself, you are ready to fit together with another balanced piece of the puzzle. Together, your healthy relationship starts to make sense and everything around you begins to fall into place.

Each step you take on the grass or concrete pavement, each sip of water, each breath of air, and each whiff of a flower’s perfume is you interacting and creating a symbiotic relationship with the world around you. You nurture the grass and tread lightly, the water, the air, the flowers so that they too may support and pleasure you. These connections that you consciously create are your healing landscape—you are a part of this landscape. Unfortunately, in the pursuit of happiness, we disregard the existence of this universal life force energy that is waiting and ready to cocoon, to nurture, and to heal.

The body is not just a physical being or just a thinking being or spiritual being. The body is you - the total being. And the traditional system of Reiki, as an evidence based biofield therapy, works on this complete interconnected being. Although the system is ostensibly energetic it affects every aspect of your life.

Focus on Reiki

Reiki - Translated from the Japanese to mean spiritual energy and is also known across most other ancient cultures as universal life force energy.

The system of Reiki - A system started in the early 1900s by a monk, Usui Mikao in Japan. Traditionally, it has three levels of training and is taught as a practice which encompasses self-healing and the ability to heal others.

Not many people know what to expect at their first Reiki treatment. It is in many ways a truly unique healthcare experience as communication between the client and practitioner takes place, for the most part, energetically with no diagnosis being given. This is far removed from the experience of visiting a doctor with an end goal or even most other natural therapists.

The key to Reiki is that it is deeply therapeutic, rather than diagnostic, in that it aims to support the client’s self-healing and well-being – not alleviate any diagnosed illness.

The system of Reiki is made up of five elements - precepts (guidelines), techniques, hands-on healing, symbols and mantras, and a blessing called reiju.

Reiki practitioners are encouraged to work daily with these elements to clear the energy in their own bodies and return to their true nature. That is, the pure being that they really are, without all the garbage that gets thrown on top. The more experienced the practitioner is at self-healing and working with a distant healing technique, using these five elements, the more effective they can use the tools and work with their clients.

A simple understanding of how Reiki works

To begin, we sit in silence and ask ourselves: what sort of garbage do I have that is covering up my true pure being?

There could be feelings of unworthiness, depression, insecurity, jealousy, anger, grief, etc. There could be physical issues that are irritating or totally debilitating. All of us carry garbage around. And all of us naturally can shine that pure, bright light beneath that's waiting to burst forth.

Working with the five elements of the system of Reiki stimulates energy (Reiki, Qi, Chakra) to move in the body. You already have energy in the body but often it is not flowing with ease; that garbage we were talking about is clogging you up, obstructing its flow. When our energy flows without interruption, that is when we shine unhindered with that beautiful pure light of our true being. This state is often called enlightenment.

An enlightened state is one where there is a unique awareness of existence; to hold an understanding of the perfection of yourself with the perfection of the universe and to act in accordance with that and for the betterment of humanity; and therein lies your purpose.

Inherently, you are a free flowing, clear river of energy without any obstructions. During your lifetime, you gradually take on obstructions: “bad” experiences you haven’t dealt with, “good” experiences you are too attached to, societal perceptions, your own judgements and all the gunk. Burdened by these obstacles, your inner river no longer runs free and clear.

With Reiki, it allows your energy garbage to purge, by drawing in more energy to wash the gunk and debris away. Our purpose in life is to return to the state where your energetic river can run free again and return to your true nature – Reiki can assist you with that. 

Reasons to Choose Reiki

A Reiki treatment can be the link between healing and enlightenment. Working with Reiki produces a ripple effect. Your inner change can be the instigator for change in your outer environment, affecting everyone and everything. Due to its profound simplicity, it can also easily be added to your own spiritual practice whether that be meditation, yoga, qi gong, etc. or even alongside other wellness modalities.

First, we must heal our spirit. Healing takes place at many levels as everything we are, and experience, is interrelated. Removing the gunk and garbage from our spiritual being is part of the healing process, holistically. Being able to allow our rivers of energy to flow freely, it means we must be in touch with our emotions and recognize their validity as essential to our humanness. To maintain a high quality of life, it is recommend that we access quality foods, get adequate sleep, experience low stress levels, and address our attitude to life.

Reiki is not something separate from us—it is in every single one of us, our environment, our friends, the food we eat, and even the skin care products we use. Coming into balance with Reiki is to draw in the universal life force energy and allow the gift of self-healing so that we are all in balance with our world.

Reiki for Self-Healing at Home

After receiving a Reiki treatment, it is beneficial if you can continue moving the energy yourself at home. The truth is, Reiki is universal and available to anyone regardless of their religious beliefs. Everyone can heal themselves and what you need most of all is the clear intent to do so and the responsibility for yourself. Choose one or two of the below practices to create your own daily healing routine:


Ask your practitioner for a meditation which you can perform for up to 15 minutes a day. There are several meditations taught within the system of Reiki and your practitioner will be able to advise which is best for you.

Research into meditation has had over 500 studies completed on its physiological, psychological, and sociological effects. It has been found that through meditation there are improved mental abilities, improved health including reduced stress and anxiety, reduced hospitalization, reduced incidence of disease, increased longevity, and improved social behavior such as improved self-confidence, family life, relationships, and job satisfaction, while reducing anxiety.

Choose a good time of the day for practicing, perhaps first thing in the morning or before going to bed.


It can be difficult to find someone to share your thoughts with on the many intimate subjects or issues that may arise from your Reiki experience. Writing them down can be a huge relief and release. It can be a very beneficial way to express yourself without the judgements of others. By writing in a journal there are no boundaries. Ideally, it is best to write every day in a journal even if it is only a line or two. For those days where you do not know what to write or do not want to write - just write exactly that. The habit is a wonderful one to begin and pursue.

Hands-on Self Treatment

Naturally, an important part of the system of Reiki is hands-on or hands-off healing. This is easy to do at home though it can take a little bit of practice and confidence building to work well with it.

Gentle touch in itself is highly effective with one research paper evaluating the effectiveness and safety of healing by gentle touch. It stated that the healing that ensued was associated with improved psychological and physical functioning in the majority of subjects.

To perform a hands-on healing and self-treatment place your hands next to each other, on even on top of each other if you wish, at the place where you feel emotionally stuck or have physical pain. Set your intent that you are going to do healing on yourself and don't forget your intent - that you are open to receive whatever it is that you may need at this exact moment in your life.

With practice, you can self-care, self-love, and self-heal intuitively. A wonderful resource for a Reiki self-treatment from the Cleveland Clinic can be found here.

Work With Us

If you are interested in engaging our assistance, we encourage you to book a virtual one-to-one YEMỌJA by KOKOBÉRNA™ Reiki and Chakra Balancing treatment with one of our Reiki Practitioners/Teachers.

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In Good Health.



Excerpted and inspired from multiple sources to include: The International House of Reiki, Your Reiki Treatment - How to Get The Most Out of It, and our Shoden Reiki Level I, Okuden Reiki Level II, and Shinpiden Reiki Level III training. 
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