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Article: A Short Story of Skin Tones in Art

A Short Story of Skin Tones in Art

A Short Story of Skin Tones in Art

A story of skin tones in art by Samuel Adoquei

The Most Interesting Art Book Ever
Written On Skin Tones for Portrait Lovers

As we celebrate souls of our times and preserve their beauty in paint and color we must go to the source of portraiture and learn, why did ancient Egyptians demand accurate skin tones? What can we learn from portrait masters in history to help us transform portraits of today’s people into timeless art? Who are the masters we must be inspired by, look at, in order to create meaningful and eternal portraits? Why do the gods of India have different skin tones? What were the ideas that became the blue prints of all timeless portraits? How should today’s portrait painters look at people?

This book offers answers to these questions and more — the wisdom of the ages for all portrait lovers. If all you read is CHAPTER THREE, the way you look at portraits will change forever. You will understand the minds and legacies behind timeless portraits. You will be enlightened forever.


SAMUEL ADOQUEI a Ghanaian-born American is the author of Origin of Inspiration and How Successful Artists Study, both Strand Books No. 1 bestsellers. Mr. Adoquei is the first and only African in Western art to teach in all of the art academies in New York City, and the artist served on the faculty at the National Academy of Design for twenty five years. He is the founder of the Fine Arts Atelier of Union Square. The artist’s paintings have appeared on the covers of books, magazines and newspapers, including a New York Times article about his painting, “The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King.” In 2019 a short documentary film about the artist, “The Unseen Beauty” directed by Gabriel De Urioste, was screened nationwide, including at the Manhattan Film Festival, the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Adoquei’s artworks have been exhibited at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C., and at other galleries and museums. The artist’s portraits are in the collections of The Harvard Club, New York City; Columbia University, New York City; Elliot Museum, Stuart,Florida; The National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, Florida; The Long Island Museum of Art; Châteaux Pecany, Bergerac, France; and in many other private collections. Recently,the city of Pomport, Bergerac, France awarded Mr. Adoquei the City’s Medal of Honor for his contribution and dedication to the arts and culture of the area. In 2011, Mr. Adoquei was invited to join the Board of Advisors of the Portrait Society of America. The artist also serves on the executive board of the American Portrait Society.


Gift a copy of Sam's books for yourself or for a loved one. We've read all of them and can't recommend highly enough!


May you be #kokobernabeautiful

all images © Sam Adoquei — all rights reserved. |

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