Our Founder

"As an African with deep-seated roots, I grew up admiring the strength in which my ancestors, my mother, and fellow African women lifted each other up and each other's families. Living in America and having travelled the world extensively, I’ve come to the slow realization that is not the case and I feel compelled to change that dynamic whichever way I can."

Belinda Kokoeka Bérnadette Bassey Ephraim, Founder & CEO



Belinda Kokoeka Bérnadette Bassey Ephraim is Founder & CEO of CASA KOKOBÉRNA, a beauty + harmony + well-being benefit company that handcrafts organic skin care products inspired from 400-year old family-owned recipes that incorporate indigenous West African herbs to heal and repair damaged skin and Be Well Healthy Living, a health transformational virtual coaching program for female entrepreneurs and executives.

A multi-passionate catalyst, Belinda is a certified functional nutritionist, a mindfulness practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, and enjoys helping fellow female executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs catapult their leadership to the highest level of their limitless potential.

With the increasing demands on our time and additional stressors we are feeling in the new world of work, prioritizing harmony, beauty, and well-being is the foundation for staying in peak performance mode and excelling ever higher across all facets of life. When you are filled with energy, vitality, and have clarity of thought, there is no limit to what you can manifest.

Combining the disciplines of business, from her experience as a former NYC Wall Street investment banker and now CEO of two tech companies, alongside breath work, yoga, meditation, nutrition, and movement, she enjoys empowering women and young girls to succeed; designing programs  and creating products that deliver transformative, lasting results.

What is your vision for CASA KOKOBÉRNA?

My highest calling is to transcend mediocrity. CASA KOKOBÉRNA is a beauty + harmony + well-being benefit company created for the purpose of empowering women and young girls to live up to the highest level of their limitless potential. To make a tangible, meaningful difference in our customers lives at every touch point.

Who are your products, programs, and services for?

Our customers are smart, loyal, socially conscious, fanatic about the state of their well-being, discerning, and understand the value an exceptional company such as CASA KOKOBÉRNA brings to their lives.