CASA KOKOBÉRNA was born out of founder Belinda Bassey Ephraim's unwavering commitment to create products rooted in quality, performance, and efficacy - high standards she adopted from an exquisite lineage that has withstood the test of time.


CASA KOKOBÉRNA is committed to creating skin care products with uncompromising quality and unprecedented performance made from the finest native plant materials handpicked from across the savannah's, valleys, and rainforests of West Africa. 


Our formulation process is meticulous and transcends mediocrity.
  • We source the purest and most potent native plant ingredients from women-owned farmer cooperative partners across the savannah’s and rainforests of West Africa;
  • We source our organic therapeutic grade essentials oils from reputable suppliers across North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and the South of France; we carefully age our proprietary therapeutic-grade essential oil blends for several months before incorporating them into our handcrafted formulas;
  • We roast, press, and hand blend plant materials for several days to preserve their life force and enhance their synergistic effects - carefully consecrated and imbued with healing energies; and
  • It takes several days of meticulous time-consuming production to make one batch of product.
This is an exhaustive, time-consuming process, but it is the only way we know how to remain extraordinarily dedicated to the preservation of the values and legacy of a vanishing art.


The foundation of our skin care line is anchored by 400+ year-old family-owned ancestral recipes using native West African plants that are scientifically proven to speed up minor wound healing activity, strengthen collagen fibers, and slow down the signs of aging.

The result is effective, multi-correctional, nutrient-rich skincare that benefits all skin types and concerns at a foundational cellular level.

May your skin be clear, bright and radiant using our meticulously hand-crafted skin care products. The results are lasting, transcending the sands of time.


In Gratitude,


Belinda Kokoeka Bassey Ephraim