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Founded 1611 by ancestral monarchs of Old Calabar Kingdom and today under the creative direction of fourteenth generation descendant, KOKOBÉRNA is committed to the well-being of women. West Africa’s leading luxury house, KOKOBÉRNA blends heritage and innovation to create distinctive products of quality.


The West African proverb “the sun is hidden in her face”, translates the body is a reflection of purity, of thought, of action; one’s inner light.


The West African proverb “the sun is hidden in her face”, translates a reflection of purity, of thought, of action; one’s inner light. Therefore, we believe a healthy body + mind + spirit exudes the sun within. Our exceptionally handcrafted products holistically nurture and nourish your whole being for a lifetime of abundant beauty + wisdom + well-being so when others see you, they see the radiant light within. 



We have an unwavering commitment to the quality of our products and the lasting promise they deliver thereby creating an enduring love relationship between our customers who deserve the best, our products because they are of the most impeccable quality, and the reverence we have for Mother Earth; a sacred triumvirate.



A force for good, KOKOBÉRNA works steadily to do less harm and more good for people + planet. We choose not to be part of the problem and constantly evolve our business practices for the highest good of all involved.



We are just like you… women who had severe health challenges and got tired of being told we couldn’t trust our ability to know our bodies intimately and heal with the support of traditional herbal medicines. So we journeyed back to our West African origins and learned all we could about ancient traditions and philosophy of vibrant living in order to heal and nurture ourselves. This is exactly why we do what we do - create the best, the most impeccable, the most exquisite products to nurture body + mind + spirit for a lifetime.



We staunchly believe in equal human rights and equitable opportunities for women and girls. The global challenges we face as women in society require leadership. Leadership of ourselves.

Therefore, we use business as an effective tool donating 5% of every sale to charity partners that support our lifetime mission of uplifting 10 million women and young girls. Charities that support women business owners; charities that encourage young girls to pursue their education in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Business disciplines; charities that support women’s mental and holistic well-being; and charities that provide a safe harbor for women going through trauma and domestic violence.

An important mission to spread love, joy, and hope. To inspire and uplift others less able to do so. To be the catalyst that initiates change for a brighter future.

Thank you for being a part of our family and may you always be #kokobernabeautiful.

In every sense, Belinda Kokoeka Bassey Ephraim is a woman of the world having lived in nine cities across three continents.

Born and raised in Nigeria, Ephraim also grew up in a multi-lingual household raised by her mother who married an Efik prince.

Ephraim's love for beauty began at an early age, in the royal Efik courts, when she sat next to her grandmother who upheld high standards for handcrafting indigenous plant botanicals into beauty treatments that played a role in the tribal adornment of aristocratic female monarchs as they journeyed through sacred rites of passage ceremonies.

Although Ephraim went on to attain an MBA in the United States and rose through the ranks of Wall Street advising global companies and tech startups on their merger and acquisition strategies, her heart remained in Africa.

She took a year off and returned back home to Nigeria where she reacquainted with the artisans from her childhood and catalogued the four hundred year-old recipes and formulation techniques used since 1611. Ephraim then worked with a French-based clinical research team to test the efficacy of the indigenous West African plant botanicals and reformulate the four-hundred-year-old recipes to modern scientific standards while retaining the ancient alchemical process. This seventeen-year collaborative effort led to the creation of the comprehensive KOKOBÉRNA Heritage Library of nutrient-rich herbal remedies for hair, skin, and inner well-being and took an additional three years to meticulously develop and launch the capsule KOKOBÉRNA skin care collection.

Ephraim is also a certified functional and integrative nutritionist; a mindfulness-based meditator who believes in the body + mind + spirit connection; and also producer and host of The KOKOBÉRNA Podcast where she creates a space that considers how customers can embody the KOKOBÉRNA philosophy of beauty + wisdom + well-being in their lives.

Ephraim, a fourteenth-generation family guardian and royal descendant, founded KOKOBÉRNA to support her passion for women. She is dedicated to the mission of representing the most refined and authentic qualities of African “Art de Vivre” around the world marrying the tradition of ancient health and beauty rituals with nutrient-rich indigenous plant botanicals to create exquisite efficacious products for the KOKOBÉRNA woman.


Hosted by Belinda Kokoeka Bassey Ephraim, The KOKOBÉRNA Podcast is a series that celebrates free-spirited women determined to live life fully with integrity, reverence, grace, beauty, courage, kindness, purpose, boldness and joyful radiance. A space that considers how women can embody the KOKOBÉRNA philosophy of beauty, wisdom, and well-being in their lives.

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Ancient Rituals Since 1611

Inspired by centuries-old rituals that span fourteen generations, within every bottle and jar of a KOKOBÉRNA product, lies the highest concentration of indigenous plant ingredients from Mother Earth. We capture the art of ancient alchemy and gently transform the delicate life force of these exquisite ingredients into the most luxurious products. Vibrant health that lasts a lifetime is to be celebrated.