Lose Weight
Increase Energy
Look & Feel Your Best

You’ll get in the best shape of your life in one year — or all of your money back.

All you have to do is take the first step.

Lasting Results

KOKOBÉRNA Functional Nutrition Coaching Program is not a meal plan, a restrictive diet, or a 30-day challenge; it is a comprehensive, scientific behavior-based approach that gives you a customized foundation in nutrition and the tools to regain control of your health, holistically balance your neuroimmune system, and heal yourself. You’ll also receive in-depth modules and learn new ways to optimize your nutrition that fit into your life; at home or on-the-go.

Every day, you’ll work with your personal KOKOBÉRNA Coach on your practice. We check in to see how you’re doing and to answer any questions you have. You can message us whenever you need direct from your mobile device. The digital app and online platform tracks everything from your key measurements to your consistency, so you can see how much progress you’ve made in as little as 90 days.

Work with us and we will teach you how to stay off the diet rollercoaster so you can holistically improve your health, balance your hormones, sleep better, enhance mental performance, boost your passion for greater intimacy, and have more energy for the important things in life.


If you’re ready to have the body you deserve and get control of your health and fitness once and for all, we are here to help. No restrictive diets. No all-or-nothing workouts. No 30-day challenges. Just a one-year commitment to a science-proven program that fits seamlessly into your life—with the support you need, every step of the way.

This is an opportunity to look and feel better than you ever thought possible. To holistically build the habits you need to stay that way for a lifetime. That's why we're so confident that in the first 90 days, you will:

1. Sleep better at night and wake up rejuvenated!

2. Stop cravings and actually enjoy food

3. Have more energy for the important things in life

4. Achieve your TRUE weight

5. Boost your sex drive and passion for greater intimacy

6. Boost sports performance and readiness for adventure

7. Enhance your mental performance

8. Connect with your body and enrich yourself!

But the next step is up to you.