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+ On Being The Best

Around the early 1600s and throughout the ages, the ancestors of CASA KOKOBÉRNA created divine skin care treatments for aristocratic monarchs of Old Calabar Kingdom in Western Africa.

Our collection of products is about more than just skin care – it is about beauty, wisdom, and well-being. The products have been created using the ancient principles of Western African beauty rituals that throughout time have proven effective to heal skin and elevate the body + mind.

Blessed with this exquisite heritage that has withstood the test of time, we invite you to the world of CASA KOKOBÉRNA.


Making The Best Skin Repair Products

The quest for beauty is as old as humankind. In ancient times, ointments, perfumes, and makeup were derived from plants and resins mixed with vegetable oils or animal fats. All of these cosmetic substances were marketed in small quantities because they were so costly.

Similar to our ancestors, we believe that to make the very best of anything, it takes time. This is the philosophical value and brand ethos upon which we are built. We begin every formulation by sourcing the purest and most potent native plant ingredients from women-owned cooperative partners across the savannahs and rainforests of West Africa; we source our organic therapeutic grade essentials oils from conscious suppliers across Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and the South of France. Every ingredient received is thoroughly tested to ensure the highest standards.


kokoberna skin care ingredient collage

Next, we create and patiently age our signature essential oil blend over a three-month long period to extract the full spectrum of the whole plants’ nutritional values before incorporating them into our handcrafted recipes for complete skin nutrition and to support the skin repair process. We hand press and blend plant oils for several days to preserve their life force and enhance nature’s powerful synergistic effects. We capture the art of ancient alchemy and painstakingly transform nature’s active plant materials into an elixir that your skin immediately recognizes; allowing the plant actives to repair the skin’s lipid barrier, diminish the most visible signs of aging, and build-up your skin’s defense mechanisms. And just as your body never grows tired of optimal nutrition, neither does your skin. In simple, yet profound, ways our skincare products help your skin become its most healthiest, resilient, and radiant.


kokoberna face oil 

Our Freshness Promise

CASA KOKOBÉRNA skin care products contain the highest levels of potent native West African plant ingredients based on ancient beauty rituals and family-owned recipes.

The active plant materials we use are naturally sourced and blended in small quantities which may result in slight variations in color and aroma from time to time. This is one of mother nature’s subtleties and we wholeheartedly honor it.

We advise a shelf life of one year from the time you open each new bottle or jar and we encourage opening within six months of the date your individual order was made. This reminder is marked on the outer packaging that contains your order. We are passionate about making the world’s finest skincare and we are grateful to be able to share it with you.


Commitment to Sustainability

In the heyday of 16th-century-B.C. ancient Egyptian civilization, African women stored precious perfumes and skin care products in tiny jars, bottles, and pots handsomely fashioned out of sophisticated materials such as alabaster, jade, obsidian, wood, and glass; which they reused and recycled.

kokoberna ancient Egypt cosmetic containersSimilarly, these exquisite works of art serve as inspiration and speak to the value of why we use Miron® violet glass that completely blocks the full spectrum of visible light, lengthening the stability and potency of our active skin care products and to preserve the vitality of the precious plant ingredients without the use of excessive preservatives.

We consistently demonstrate ethical processes in how we run our business, source our ingredients from reputable partners, and handcraft our products with absolute love and meticulous detail.

We firmly believe packaging that harms nature is against the law of creation. We use environmentally sound packaging that is 100% recyclable and bio-degradable with minimal impact to nature.

As you consider doing business with us, we hope these guiding thoughts help you determine if our family, products, and services are the right fit.

In Gratitude,

Belinda Kokoeka Bassey Ephraim