Welcome to KOKOBÉRNA
KOKOBÉRNA is West Africa’s leading luxury house, blending heritage and innovation to design therapeutic health + beauty + wellness products and services that nurture body + mind + spirit™ of women. Founded 1611 by ancestral female monarchs of Old Calabar Kingdom, Nigeria, West Africa and today under the creative direction of fourteenth generation descendant.



The West African proverb “the sun is hidden in her face”, translates a reflection of purity, of thought, of action; one’s inner light. Therefore, we believe a healthy body + mind + spirit™ exudes the sun within. Our exceptionally handcrafted products using traditional techniques holistically nurture and nourish your whole being for a lifetime of abundant beauty + wisdom +well-being™ so when others see you, they see the radiant light within. 



We have an unwavering commitment to create an enduring love relationship between our customers who are discerning and deserve the best, our handcrafted products because they are of the most impeccable quality, and the reverence we have for Mother Earth and all of its wonderful inhabitants; a sacred triumvirate that upholds the African philosophy of kinship and oneness.



A force for good, KOKOBÉRNA works steadily to do less harm and more good for people + planet. We choose not to be part of the problem and constantly evolve our business practices for the highest good of all involved.



We are just like you… women who had severe health challenges and got tired of being told we couldn’t trust our ability to know our bodies intimately. So we journeyed back to our West African origins and learned all we could about ancient traditional techniques and the philosophy of vibrant living using indigenous medicinal plants to heal and nurture our bodies. This is exactly why we do what we do - transcend mediocrity: to challenge obsolete norms around women’s health, African lifestyle, femininity, and beauty... to create the best, the most impeccable, the most therapeutic natural products to nurture our body + mind + spirit™ for a lifetime.



We staunchly believe in equal human rights and equitable opportunities for women and girls. The global challenges we face as women in society require leadership. Leadership of ourselves.

Therefore, we use business as an effective tool donating 5% of every order to charity partners that support our lifetime mission of uplifting women and young girls. Partners that support fellow women business owners; partners that provide the resources for young girls to pursue their education in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Business disciplines; partners that support women’s mental health; and partners that provide a safe harbor for women going through domestic violence and other traumatic experiences that affect their personal well-being.

An important mission to inspire and uplift others less able to do so. To be the catalyst that initiates change for a brighter future.

Thank you for being a part of our tribe and may you always be #kokobernabeautiful.