Hello and welcome!

My name is Belinda. I am the Founder and CEO of CASA KOKOBÉRNA, a beauty company reviving the ancient luxury of therapeutic skin care treatments based on native West African herbal medicines and 400-year old family-owned recipes. 

Prior to founding CASA KOKOBÉRNA, I worked as a corporate mergers and acquisitions banker on Wall Street. Between an air-conditioned office, subways and street pollution, constant long-haul flights, and daily life stressors, my face was subject to an all-day assault; results of which included skin scars, excessive dry skin, eczema patches, and early onset of wrinkle formation. I became ill and decided to take a year off to travel back home to West Africa. While there I became intrigued by the role skin care treatments played in the ritual of royal ceremonies. I remembered that my Mother had told us children about an ancient skincare formulation which our ancestors developed centuries earlier and required painstaking work to create.  You see, my family descended from royalty in the Efik tribe of Old Calabar, Southeastern Nigeria and so had access to creations which are not generally available to other tribes.  With my mother’s assistance, we were able to ethically source these native plant materials from women farmers she had existing relationships with in order for us to authentically recreate these recipes.

Under the apprenticeship of generational artisan women in the now royal courts, I learned about plant interactions and how to carefully measure and blend each of these ancient herbal medicines so as to create high efficacy products using the most exquisite, luxurious ingredients known to man.

I diligently, some might say obsessively, researched each of the oils and extracts looking for modern clinical studies which supported the beneficial effects of each of the natural ingredients and confirmed the safety of each.

The result was a combination of 32 ingredients which combined to form our first product, HEALER'S GOLD Face Oil and 27 ingredients which combined to create our second product, HEALER'S GOLD Face Serum. 

At first, I only created these sacred skincare jewels for myself, immediate family members, and then a few of my closest women and men friends. But the results were so dramatic – literally instant!

Soon word spread and the ensuing request to produce more and more was unending. Inspired by my ancestral heritage and complete confidence in the efficacy of our multi-correctional and nourishing skin care treatments, CASA KOKOBÉRNA was born for today's contemporary woman. 

Since then, our skin care line continues to honor the original recipes using native West African plants that are scientifically proven to speed up minor wound healing activity, strengthen collagen fibers, and slow down the signs of aging.

Our products are hand-blended in small batches, each carefully consecrated and imbued with healing energies.  We are confident that within a very short period of usage, you will see instant results in your own skin and be very pleased.

May your skin be clear, bright and radiant and may your heart resonate in harmony with the Divine.  

Yours in Spirit,


Belinda Kokoeka Bernadette Bassey Ephraim