Ethos. Values. Principles.

Beauty, Vitality, Love, Elegance, Artistry, Richness, Reverence, Sacredness, Traditionalism, Impact, Connecting, Making a Difference, Being the Best, Transcendence, Excellence.

  • We revere the wisdom of nature and hold sacred the law of divine oneness.
  • We are just like you… customers who had skin care challenges and wanted to create the highest-quality skin care products that are indulgent, extraordinary, and work. And this is exactly what we do.
  • We capture the art of ancient alchemy and painstakingly transform potent indigenous West African plant materials into luxurious skin care products that repair the skin’s lipid barrier, diminish the most visible signs of aging, and build-up your skin’s defense mechanisms. The results are instant, radiant, and lasting.
  • We have a strong belief, passion, and unwavering commitment to the quality of our products and the lasting promise they deliver thereby creating an endearing relationship between our customers who are discerning and expect the best; our products because they are transformative; and nature which provides a tremendously powerful materia medica.
  • Inspired by centuries old family-owned ancestral recipes painstakingly recorded from our ancestors for use by aristocratic families of Old Calabar Kingdom, everything you see, feel, touch and experience comes directly from our lineage to you.
  • We elegantly unite traditionalism and artistry to provide a high level of craftsmanship and exceptional level of quality in our products.
  • We staunchly believe beauty is as beauty does.
  • We consistently demonstrate ethical processes in how we run our business, contribute to the world, source our ingredients, select reputable partners, and handcraft our products:
    • We source the purest and most potent native plant ingredients from women-owned farmer cooperative partners across the savannahs and rainforests of West Africa;
    • We source our organic therapeutic grade essentials oils from reputable suppliers across Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and the South of France;
    • We patiently age our proprietary essential oil blends for several months before incorporating them into our handcrafted recipes;
    • We roast, press, and hand blend plant materials for several days to preserve their life force and enhance their synergistic effects; and
    • It takes several days of time-consuming production to make one small batch of product.
  • We pride ourselves in what we do and are dedicated to the preservation of the values and the legacy of a vanishing art.