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Dry, Resistant, Even Skin Tone, Healthy Barrier | KOKOBERNA

Oily, Resistant, Non-Pigmented Skin Tone, Wrinkle-Prone Skin

“My skin feels oilier in the summer, especially when it is humid. I rarely get irritated from skin care products, but I also find that few products work well for me all year long. Please help me understand how to adjust my skin care regimen to ensure that I am using all the proper ingredients to prevent skin aging.” 



Your Skin Type is so easy to care for, you haven’t focused on it. Since the majority of Americans have your Skin Type, most skin care products, like drugstore toners or face soaps, are geared to you, so they seem to work just fine. Unlike sensitive types, your skin can withstand a wide range of chemicals without experiencing irritation or redness. As a result, you can use any skin care product without worry. When others fuss over skin care, you can’t imagine why. You take your skin for granted.

Unlike pigmented types, you don’t need to contend with dark spots. Unlike dry types, your need to moisturize is minimal, and until you age, greasy creams or face oils hold no appeal. Although you experienced some pimples and oiliness during your teen years, this too seemed perfectly normal. You could handle it with a drugstore pimple treatment product, just like everyone else.

Sunscreen? You probably didn’t bother with it. Most sunscreens felt greasy, and a little sun is good for acne, you heard somewhere. If you burned occasionally, so what? So did everyone else. The problem with your Skin Type is that most of your skin problems hit you late in life, and you’re not prepared for them. Wrinkles, sags, and other signs of aging seem to appear overnight. You’re caught off guard, because you’re used to easy skin care. When aging happens to you, its effects aren’t so pretty. You never thought it could happen, but now when you look in the mirror, you worry—just like everyone else.


Due to all these factors, in your thirties and beyond, many OREWs are trying to play catch-up. Aging creeps up and catches you unaware. You may notice fine lines beginning to form on your forehead or between your eyebrows. Your jawline or neck begins to sag. Lines etch themselves at the corners of your mouth. While we’ll offer skin care and treatment options to address these problems, if you’re in your twenties or younger, be forewarned. Start protecting your skin now. Don’t take your skin for granted. Stop age-promoting habits such as smoking and sunbathing now. Take antioxidant supplements and use sunscreen and nonprescription retinol products such as a rich antioxidant Face Oil to prevent aging.

If you are thirty or older, you probably are beginning to have wrinkles. Botox can prevent the wrinkles from worsening by preventing movement of the muscles in wrinkle-prone areas. Wearing sunglasses to prevent squinting will also help minimize the formation of eye wrinkles.


Although this skin type has a tendency to wrinkle, it wrinkles less than dry skin types because of the protective sebum which is rich in antioxidants. Your Skin Type needs strong ingredients such as retinoids and hydroxy acids to lessen the appearance of wrinkles.

The goal of your skin care routine is to address wrinkles and excess oil with wrinkle- and oil-control products that deliver antioxidants and retinols. Many of you will want to see a dermatologist to have one of the many new wrinkle treatments that are available: lasers, dermabrasion, chemical peels, dermal fillers, or other procedures. This recommendations below include products containing retinol and antioxidants that may help decrease your skin cancer risk. Of course, wearing sunscreen is required.

*Resistant skin has a healthy solid barrier. Your skin rarely stings, reddens, or develops acne allowing those with resistant skin to use most products without reacting. However, the irony is that most over-the-counter skin care products may not be potent enough to penetrate the healthy lipid barrier and deliver results. This is why KOKOBÉRNA customers see instant results; the ancient formulating techniques we use preserve the life-force of the indigenous West African plant ingredients in their purest yet concentrated form.


Our skin diagnostic uses Baumann's (2004) science-based skin-type classification system comprised of 16 distinct Baumann Skin Types®.