Body Oil


Deserving of royalty, a consecrated nectar for world-weary skin and hair. Composed entirely of nourishing native West African plant oils sourced from nature and inspired by ancient Western African beauty rituals of ancestral monarchs of Old Calabar Kingdom, Middle Eastern nights, and Ancient Egyptian Kyphi, CASA KOKOBÉRNA EDIYE IDEM BODY OIL is the most decadent, aromatically uplifting body oil ever experienced.

  • Saffron-infused West African Buckthorn, Moringa, and Tamanu Seed Oils leave skin velvety soft and moisturized all-day long
  • Therapeutic-grade essential oil blend to include Rose Absolute, Egyptian Jasminum, and Vetiver is psychologically grounding and leaves a trail of subtle, sensual scent to uplift and support whatever is going on with life
  • CoQ10 and Lycopene extracts help with the appearance of tightening and lifting skin
  • Essential omega-3, -7 and -9 fatty acids restore sebum imbalance, strengthen skin, and protect aging skin from further damage

      ÈDÍYÈ ÍDÉM means “beautiful clear body” in the Efįk language
      Hand-made in the USA using globally sourced ingredients
      Stored in violet glass to preserve the vitality of the precious ingredients

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