Mental Health = Wellness + Happiness⁠ ⁠ During meditation, monks use visualizations for the mind. When we do this for ourselves, we have the opportunity to forgive the past, release anxiety, and prepare for the future. We hope you love the experience of discovering your purpose and mission like it did ours.⁠

CLARITAS: CLARITY Guided Meditation

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CLARITAS: CLARITY™ Guided Meditation was born from a desire to help those who attended our IMMERSION Workshops. It is a guided meditation specially arranged to help you get crystal clear on the limitless and abundant future you are creating or want to create. We believe listening to this meditation daily enhances the beauty and grace of how you show up in the world.

  • Accelerate healing
  • Dissolve limiting beliefs
  • Release karmic blocks
  • Increase your attracting force
  • Discover your purpose
  • Gain clarity on your life path
  • Breakthrough to a new level of being

To start on the path of CLARITAS: CLARITY™ Guided Meditation, we recommend listening to this meditation once a day. Experiment at first to find a time that works well for your natural rhythms. Then set that time for your meditation practice that you can easily work into your schedule, consistently. Early morning is an excellent choice, because you will enjoy the benefits of the meditation throughout the day.

Your biorhythms and nervous system will naturally adjust, becoming habit, making it easier for you to go into mediation at a set time, just like eating, waking, and sleeping.


  • Drink a full glass of water to hydrate before you begin
  • Keep a journal close by
  • Make sure your spine is straight, put on your headphones, and listen.
    • You can sit or lay down but make sure your spine is straight
  • After the meditation, give yourself a few minutes to honor your practice
  • Journal any thoughts or experiences that came to mind


Up For A Challenge?

  • Commit to 60 days
  • Leave a review so others can see how this has helped you.

May you be #kokobernabeautiful

CLARITAS: CLARITY™ Guided Meditation resonates and act on the body at a cellular level having a direct effect on the cells increasing both theta and delta brain waves.

Theta is one of the more elusive and extraordinary brain states you can explore. It is also known as the twilight state which you normally only experience fleetingly upon waking, or drifting off to sleep. Theta is the brain state where magic happens in the crucible of your own neurological activity. Delta is the brain state where healing and clarity occurs. But for most, being able to enter the dreamlike theta state without falling asleep and then delving further into the delta state takes diligent daily practice and the ability to truly let go and allow.

CLARITAS: CLARITY™ Guided Meditation helps speed up this process within the first 5 minutes, making it easier to drop into a deep meditative state, even if you've never meditated before.  

As you begin to practice listening and getting CLEAR on what you want out of life, you will gain greater energy, your creativity expands, inspiration comes easily and your sense of clarity becomes stronger and stronger. As your mind, body, emotions, and energy come into alignment, you will start to release emotions and inner blocks holding you back from experiencing your higher and truest self.

We don’t want you to pretend to be something you are not. It is not about getting into “vibration” with what you want. We want you to be of clear mind so that you can feel it and see it to believe it even if you don't know the "how".

CLARITAS: CLARITY™ Guided Meditation is about the journey of getting clear on your future, the discipline of meditation, and the practice of meditative visualization as a scientifically proven tool to improve health, vitality, and well-being; a tool that offers mental clarity so you can start the journey of discovering and living your purpose. 

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