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Article: Ancient Plants, Cutting-Edge Results

Ancient Plants, Cutting-Edge Results

Ancient Plants, Cutting-Edge Results


The world's finest and most luxurious African beauty brand for your healthiest skin, hair, and inner well-being.

Young woman in a Fulani bapteme ceremony, Atakora Mountains © John Kenny

An invitation for all to discover and experience West Africa’s best kept beauty secrets.

From inner well-being herbal teas to therapeutic skin care products that holistically illuminate your beauty inside out outside in. Calm inflammation, remove pigmentation spots, and deeply hydrate.


When the skin barrier’s hydrolipidic pH is out of balance, inflammation, accelerated aging, and skin disorders easily manifest. At this time, skin barrier should be nourished and nurtured. Without proper care, the disordered skin barrier becomes more exacerbated oftentimes leading to hyperpigmentation, increased sensitivity, dryness of the skin that manifests as oily acneic skin, scarring, redness, inability of skin to hold on to moisture, etc.


Our natural organic soothing, brightening, and deeply hydrating skin care products are supremely effective because we took dedicated time to research and study the physiological structure of the skin which we then based our centuries’ old family-owned formulae. To holistically support the interconnectedness of the skin’s biological structure and neuro-immune systems that intrinsically link the brain, skin, hormones, and gut.

We then went a step further and rooted our skin care formulae on the exacting principles of corneotherapy - the core principle of which takes an individualized approach to repairing the skin’s stratum corneum, keeping intact the lipid barrier, and maintaining a healthy constant state of the skin’s barrier defense systems. Skin aging slows down, inflammation ceases to exist, and skin appears vibrant and supple.

When the skin barrier is healthy and balanced, it becomes more efficient in sending the right signals to the many layers underneath the skin barrier and influences the regenerative processes in the deeper layers of the skin.

When the skin barrier is unhealthy and imbalanced, disrupted skin barrier defense systems encourage structural inflammation, accelerated signs of aging, and abnormal trans epidermal water loss from the skin’s surface.


This is why KOKOBÉRNA skin care products are extremely effective and superior. They keep the epidermis and it’s lipid barrier intact at all times which enhances the ability of the skin to self-repair and accelerate the healing process.

This approach of retaining the integrity of the epidermis ensures the skin’s defense and immune systems are not stimulated unnecessarily and that the therapeutic actions of our indigenous organic botanical ingredients and bio active cosmeceuticals work from the outer layers inward.

We also take an individualized approach to skin care and it’s treatment by following a logical path that investigates and defines the causes of the conditions and concerns before recommending our therapeutic skin care luxuries in a sequence that achieves the best outcome for the health of your skin.

To better assist our clients, we highly recommend our Healthy Clear Skin Program. It is an invitation to book a three-month virtual concierge service to assist with helping you discover the root cause of your skin care concerns and how to better manage long-term solutions, so your skin is soothed, smooth, and radiant.

Alternatively, we offer a minimalist skin care routine to help repair and recondition the skin's neuro-sensory barrier.


May you be #kokobernabeautiful.



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