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Article: Which Comes First? The Face Oil or The Serum?

Which Comes First? The Face Oil or The Serum?

Which Comes First? The Face Oil or The Serum?

kokoberna customer 5 star review of HEALER’S GOLD™  Serum and Face Oil
Here at KOKOBÉRNA, we are often asked this most pressing question: "which comes first - the face oil or the face serum?"
The truth is, it really does not matter because our skin care range was not designed to be complicated. Our emblematic collection was instead designed to adapt to your unique skin care needs using indigenous botanical ingredients that mimic the physiological makeup of the skin's neuro-sensory barrier and increase penetration of the plant-based non toxic bioactive cosmeceuticals agents to holistically help repair and regenerate your skin.
Ideally, you want to apply the serum and then layer on the face oil. However, we love breaking the rules. So we invite you to begin with the face serum, or the face oil, or combine both together and apply them right into the wetness of your freshly cleansed skin.
The more moist your face throughout your routine, the longer hydrated and more plump your skin will remain throughout the day. The exception is your nighttime routine when the cleansed skin has to be dry before after applying retinoids and/ or acid toners and prior to applying your face serum, or face oil and mist.
Remember, beauty is meant to be explored, to be experienced, to be enchanting. Our rule of thumb is to start with whatever your skin needs most today:
Feeling red, dehydrated, and showing prominent lines? Go with HEALER’S GOLD™  Serum.
Feeling oily, congested, imbalanced, breaking out, or noticing more sensitivity today? Make HEALER’S GOLD™  Face Oil your star.
You can use one or the other, together or separately, layered or blended to address multiple concerns and support your skin's daily transitions.
kokoberna customer 5 star review of HEALER’S GOLD™  Serum and Face Oil
As for our founder, Belinda, she keeps her sensitive-skin morning ritual streamlined with just these two (plus DIVINE ORIGIN™ Balm and the Mist); our entire product range plays nice with any other skin favorites you love too.
If you want to see an example of how she put together her best AM skincare ritual, it's all detailed here.
Finally, if you have questions, simply respond to this email and one of our care team members will be happy to welcome you and answer any questions you might have! 🥰
With gratitude and love always.

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