The World's Most Exquisite Organic Skincare from West Africa

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    A decadent therapeutic experience of healthy, beautiful skin for all.

    Our therapeutic skin repair and anti-aging skincare treatments from West African heritage contain the world's highest amounts of natural organic botanicals that are most identical to the epidermal and sebum lipids of the skin to include ceramides, triglycerides, squalene, phospholipids, cholesterol, and fatty acids.

    These regenerative phytonutrients include retinols, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to naturally restore skin barrier function, nourish the skin's microbiome, repair damaged skin barrier, inhibit radical activity, and prevent premature inflammaging of the skin. 

    With daily use of our emblematic collection of skin and body care products, inflammation is visibly calmed, premature aging of skin slows down, redness clears, breakouts are a thing of the past, elasticity improves, plumpness increases, pigmentation concerns are minimized, moisture of the skin barrier is retained, and skin appears healthy, beautiful, luminous for a lifetime.