KOKOBÉRNA Stockist - Thirteen Lune

KOKOBÉRNA Stockist - Thirteen Lune

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thirteen lune is a celebration of beauty and community that brings together luxurious and efficacious products for the face, hair and body. By creating a space for authentic allyship, they take inclusiveness to a new level. To uplift both non-Black and Brown owned brands, they honor and highlight the individual stories of the creators and founders.

The KOKOBÉRNA x thirteen lune partnership aligns both our brand values to provide a unique and tailored platform that ushers women into happier and healthier lives, not only for our community but for ourselves. To us, self-care is truly an act of resistance.

Thank you for coming with us on this journey.

May you be #kokobernabeautiful.
May your lives be fulfilling, balanced, and joyful.


KOKOBÉRNA is a portmanteau that implies "mother's daughter - brave one.”

Since 1611, KOKOBÉRNA is the world’s leading West African luxury house and integrative well-being brand. Our unique heritage represents the sacred wisdom of herbal and traditional medicinal knowledge backed by science and advanced through the generations. From the ancestral monarchs of Old Calabar Kingdom, Nigeria, West Africa and today under the creative direction of a 14th generation descendant.

KOKOBÉRNA is an invitation to transcend the sands of time and experience a deep-rooted sense of calm, well-being, and vitality from the inside out outside in. We curate a heritage library of ancestral family-owned remedies that span over four centuries and bio-dynamically alchemize the subtle energies of indigenous organic medicinal plants, nocturnal flowers, and seed oils over a lunation to handcraft the most exquisite portfolio of therapeutic spa-grade products rooted in botanical medicine. We thoughtfully design complementary therapies and integrative medicine protocols that holistically empower our clients to improve quality of healing and rejuvenate body + mind + heart + spirit™.

A force for moving humanity forward, we pledge 5% of every purchase to support charitable organizations that empower women, support our communities, and advocate for Mother Earth.