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Article: My Minimalist Skin Care Routine

My Minimalist Skin Care Routine

My Minimalist Skin Care Routine

 Your skin care routine doesn’t have to be complex with numerous steps, but it must be simple, allow for consistency, and specific to your skin type. So, what should your skin care routine have? Step 1: Cleanser, Step 2: Moisturizer, and Step 3: Sunscreen.

“My aesthetician wants me to buy the full line of retail products—seven different products! There is no way I am going to keep up with such an intense routine. Is there anything simpler I can do between appointments?”

Of course, there is! A ten-step skin care routine certainly isn’t for everyone—never mind for those who might just be starting out on their skin care journey. But keep in mind there is a balance. Do you need a million skin care steps and products? No. The truth is there is no miracle one-size-fits-all product that will address all your unique skin care needs. However, your skin should have a “routine”; a consistent ritual of some sort.

What Products Should A Minimalist Skin Care Routine Include for Healthy Beautiful Skin?


Everyone needs a good well-made high-quality cleanser; something you can use anytime of day to gently wash away all the sweat, dirt, grime, makeup, sunscreen, and bacteria that has accumulated on the surface of your skin without stripping the essential hydro-lipidic barrier that supports the skin’s neuro-sensory biome. If you are not washing your face at least once a day, and especially at nighttime, you are allowing the collective dirt, makeup, and grime to slowly, over time, penetrate your pores or simply pile up, which can lead to acne breakouts, blackheads, or dull-looking skin, all of which accelerate the skin’s aging process.


The next must-have is a hydrating moisturizer such as my HEALER’S GOLD™ Oil. It does not matter if your skin is super oily and acneic or if your skin seems perfectly fine as it is. Having a moisturizer that is hydrating and supports the skin's lipid barrier also allows moisture to stay longer on the skin. This is key to ensuring your skin’s acidic pH levels are balanced and healthy, and that you are providing your skin with a protective barrier so it can continue what it does best: protecting you.


The last non-negotiable product—no ifs, ands, or buts about it—is sunscreen. The good news is that it can be absolutely incorporated in your skin care routine after your moisturizer and before makeup, if any. Having an everyday sunscreen is not only incredibly important for preventing harmful, sun-related issues such as malignant melanoma, but it helps prevent other undesirable effects such as deep wrinkling, brown pigmentation spots, cracked/dry skin, and so much more.

Once you’ve gotten these basics down and are feeling more comfortable honoring a consistent skin care ritual, then and only then do we recommend moving on to the fun stuff! Depending on your skin concerns and goals, you can ask your KOKOBÉRNA Aesthetician about adding exfoliants, chemical peels, masks, or serums to your routine, and maybe even skin care tools that are safe for in-home use. The possibilities are truly endless, but everyone must start somewhere. Consistently using these three products is a great place to do just that and experience healthy glowing skin.


Skin care products to keep your skin happy and healthy.



The adage “you are what you eat” has remained a popular saying because it is indeed true. Your daily food choices directly affect your health, and your health directly affects the condition of your skin. You can see your KOKOBÉRNA Aesthetician every three weeks, but if you fill your body with junk food and soda, you probably won’t see the results you expect. Pairing your beloved KOKOBÉRNA skin care products with nutrient-dense food and water, water, water will directly improve the health—and look—of your skin.


I hope in this stressful time when self-care is so important, you can take some tips from our journal articles to keep your body—and your skin—happy and healthy.


May you always be #kokobernabeautiful.






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