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Article: On Wisdom: Unlocking the Power of Stillness

On Wisdom: Unlocking the Power of Stillness

On Wisdom: Unlocking the Power of Stillness

Even the Buddha cultivates inner peace from Stillness.


As we enter the new month of May and fast approaching the mid-year point, we are enjoying sitting in moments of Stillness and allowing the quiet voice inside of us to rise. In today’s technologically cultural world, we most oftentimes aren’t offered a great deal of Stillness. And so, we are invited to guard that in ourselves, to create those moments of Stillness for ourselves as it can never be handed to us. It is why many people find Stillness through a meditation practice, or a quiet walk amongst nature, for 15, 30, 45 minutes or more.



If hearing this idea of Stillness seems foreign to your body-mind, it simply means you haven’t experienced Stillness for a while and over time, lack of Stillness can be destabilizing if we do not have intimate access to that slower gear that calms in moments of need. Stillness speaks, and it has a lot of WISDOM to share with us, but that WISDOM won’t easily come to us if we are always, and constantly, keeping ourselves busy and stimulated.

We are often so highly engaged that we don’t have the moment for The Quiet voice inside us to be able to say “You are tired, rest a few hours – you have some sadness that you need to let go of that you have been carrying around, but it is hidden underneath your busyness. Give me your attention for an hour or two and I will let it move through you and I will release it”. This wise voice. It is inside each one of us and there for all of us to access but very few are trained or have learned to engage with it so choose whatever method works best for you to let yourself hear your own inner voice, the still wise voice inside you, and not necessarily the mental chatter or the endless thoughts. These tend to get more active the more stimulated we are which means, we give ourselves less to Stillness, to moments of calm and quiet.

So, if you have not learned to cultivate a practice of Stillness, this is no longer just a good thing to do but a vital thing to do; to allow your inner WISDOM to holistically support your inner peace, your well-being, your skin health, your gut health, your emotional health, your reproductive health, your heart health, your brain health, your vitality.


How Can Stillness Level-Up Our WISDOM and Inner Peace?

Leveling up your WISDOM is literally going to look like a focused improvement of self and life. You may suddenly, out of Stillness, have the energy, the will, and the lack of fear to go and study something that you feel is going to enhance your life or perhaps there is a training that you want to take to support you on your next path or perhaps becoming an active member of our primary care club that integrates slow living, nutrition, wellness, and functional medicine, using a hospitality-forward approach. This leveling up of your WISDOM energy is going to take away many of the barriers so it might be that you suddenly find yourself in a position where you can financially afford to do “the thing” finally or that you can take the time you need to do it and maybe it’s been a dream for quite some time. But leveling up your WISDOM is going to be even more supported in the aftermath of Stillness. You might find yourself suddenly curious, extra studious, so that you can absorb what it is you want to absorb. It may just be that you are currently leveling up your WISDOM around the areas of personal growth, health, well-being, and spirituality so that you can become a better version of yourself ultimately to better serve the world and stand in your power.

Because the truth is we are all serving each other all the time, consciously and unconsciously, and when we are consciously able to serve, we feel very connected to each other. To our purpose. To this group of animals and humans interconnected with Mother Earth in a deeper knowing rather than feeling trapped and disconnected because of individualism that so many of us have been conditioned into.

Leveling up your WISDOM is going to carry with it a great deal of energy that supports you in taking some deep dives into areas that you feel passionate about or that you want to learn on an intuitive level. This means that The Universe will put you in positions with people and in situations where you get to level up your WISDOM. So, as you hone your practice of Stillness, that energy is going to be strong because the inner Stillness needs a higher mind, it needs a WISDOM that is connected to the body-mind prepared.

We hope you are doing okay and hanging in there because lately it is becoming more vital that we all find ways to reset ourselves, recenter ourselves, reconnect to the things that light us up as we go through these massive waves of transformation, to be more discerning about who what and where we are going to invest our energy. To find and cultivate inner peace.

As always, we are here for you and know that we love you.

Questions? Comments? Leave them below!


May you be #kokobernabeautiful.


Excerpted and inspired by a talk with Lee Harris, The Portal
stillness, wisdom, how to cultivate inner peace, spirituality

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