How to Use


Morning and evening, gently shake to activate the botanical extracts. Dispense 1-3 pumps onto wet hands and massage over dry face, neck, and décolleté. Rinse thoroughly. Leave skin slightly wet – ready to begin the KOKOBÉRNA skincare ritual.

Dosage: 1-3 pumps on wet hands
Aroma: Herbaceous, green, floral
Texture: Lightweight oil, water-soluble oil
Suited to: All skin types particularly sensitive, eye and lip makeup wearers, sunscreen wearers
Tip I: Makeup and sunscreen wearers - elevate your evening ritual and cleanse twice; first to effectively breakdown sunscreen and polymers in long-wearing makeup and second to deeply massage and thoroughly ensure skin is clean. 
Tip II: To help fortify the skin against the damaging effects of pollution, follow daily cleansing with HEALER’S GOLD™ Face Oil and DIVINE ORIGIN™ Mist.
Tip III: To maintain the skin in optimum health, supplement your regimen thrice weekly with our ESSENTIA NOCTIS™ Exfoliating Tonic.