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Dry, Resistant, Even Skin Tone, Healthy Barrier | KOKOBERNA


Dry, Resistant, Non-Pigmented Skin Tone, Wrinkle-Prone Skin

“My skin was always pretty easy in the summer, but in cold weather the dryness bothers me. Now that I am getting older, the fine lines are showing more and more. I keep hearing about all these expensive anti-aging creams with exotic ingredients. I do not know what to buy or who to believe. Which anti-aging ingredients really work?” 


This Skin Type enjoys an even skin tone but is more prone to develop dryness from dehydration and wrinkles. Skincare regimens should include an antioxidant and a daily sunscreen with SPF 30 and nightly retinoids. Good lifestyle habits are encouraged, smoking is discouraged, and antioxidants should be added to the diet.

Most people with this Skin Type have light-toned skin and northern European ancestors, with Scandinavian, English, Irish, Scottish, German, Russian, Polish, and other Slavic ethnicities. In youth, your skin is low maintenance, so you neglect simple prevention to assure great skin throughout life. Or you unknowingly abuse your skin, which leads to accelerated aging. This delicate pale skin, unless properly cared for in its teens and through the mid-twenties, doesn't age that well.

The skincare industry mostly caters to this Skin Type hence the plethora of products and unless they are formulated to address your specific combination of the four factors, they may be useless, no matter how pricey they are. How to separate the wheat from the chaff? How to know which products and services are truly effective and which are pretty packaging and marketing hype?


You may experience any of the following:

  • Ease in using sunscreens
  • Trouble tanning
  • Streaking with self-tanners
  • Minimal skin problems in youth or problems with cosmetics or moisturizers
  • Crepiness appears around your eyes in your early thirties
  • Accelerated wrinkling from mid-thirties on
  • Increased dryness and wrinkling in your forties and fifties


Your Skin Type skin is also more prone to non-melanoma skin cancer, because of several factors:

  • Fair-toned skin
  • Easily sunburned and hard-to-tan skin
  • History of excess sun exposure
  • History of smoking
  • Diet does not contain enough fruits and vegetables (antioxidants)

According to some estimates, 60 percent of people over the age of forty who meet the above criteria may have at least one incidence of a pre-malignant condition called actinic keratosis. Sixty percent of non-melanoma skin cancers arise from this condition. That’s why it’s important to know the signs and get checked by a dermatologist annually.


It is essential that you wear sunscreen every day. SPF 15+ protection is enough for fifteen minutes exposure however, if you expect to be out in the sun for a long period, as when playing golf or at the beach, use SPF 45 or greater. Look for products with both UVA and UVB protection and try not to use tinted-SPF anything.


Flying is tough on the skin. First, high levels of UVA come through airplane windows. Second, low humidity levels in the cabin dry skin out even more, making wrinkles more obvious. It’s important to protect your skin on an airplane, especially with your Skin Type. Here’s what we recommend prior to flying: use moisturizers such as a face oil or face serum, always apply SPF 30 sunscreen prior to makeup, simplify your makeup by wearing none at all or a waterproof mascara and eyeliner, and follow with a hydrating lip balm or lip gloss. Right before landing: spritz some face mist; dab a little bit of the face serum on the eye area, and dab the face oil over face, neck, and hands to replenish and lock-in moisture.


Avoid detergents and facial cleansers that foam vigorously. Non-foaming cleansers are best for your Skin Type.


Resistant skin has a solid skin barrier that shields the skin cells, keeping allergens and irritating substances from the deeper skin layers. Unless sunburned, your skin rarely stings, reddens, or develops acne, allowing resistant types to use most products without reacting. However, the irony is that many products may not be potent enough or formulated in correct proportions to penetrate the “thick” healthy barrier and deliver results.

There are thousands of moisturizers, anti-aging creams, and treatments to prevent wrinkling, and they are all targeted to you because your Skin Type is one of the largest market segments. Companies are trying to help you—and going after your dollar. The upside? You have so many options. The downside? You have so many options, but no way of knowing what really works. That’s why it’s important to learn what kinds of products and ingredients are of real benefit.

The goal of your skin care routine is to address dryness and wrinkles with products that deliver antioxidants, moisturizers, and retinoids. We recommend consulting a dermatologist for a prescription retinoid however, most customers find the retinoids extremely irritating and discover our non-alcoholic Face Toner is gentler and works just as good, if not better.

*Resistant skin has a healthy solid barrier. Your skin rarely stings, reddens, or develops acne allowing those with resistant skin to use most products without reacting. However, the irony is that most over-the-counter skin care products may not be potent enough to penetrate the healthy lipid barrier and deliver results. This is why KOKOBÉRNA customers see instant results; the ancient formulating techniques we use preserve the life-force of the indigenous West African plant ingredients in their purest yet concentrated form.


Our skin diagnostic uses Baumann's (2004) science-based skin-type classification system comprised of 16 distinct Baumann Skin Types®.