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Dry, Resistant, Even Skin Tone, Healthy Barrier | KOKOBERNA


Dry, Resistant, Non-Pigmented Skin Tone, Tight-Compact Skin

"I don't have difficult skin issues. I look five to ten years younger than my actual age but I am interested in keeping my skin looking its best. Is a moisturizer alone enough for me?" 


Congratulations! You won the Skin Type lottery. You have dream skin. Although you don’t differentiate skin care from overall self-care, you do treat yourself right by eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of rest and exercise. Many people with this Skin Type, such as yourself, value quality of life and make choices that maintain it.

Skin dryness is the predominant characteristic of this skin type that enjoys an even skin tone and minimal wrinkling. The goal of your skin care routine  is to address dryness and ashy skin with products that deliver occlusive and humectant moisturizing ingredients. Your skin care needs are simple: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.


Foaming cleansers should be avoided. Use a cream cleanser, a cold cream, or a cleansing oil instead. Your Skin Type should never use a toner that contains alcohol, even if natural. Spraying your skin with a facial mist prior to moisturizing with a face oil or serum helps pull water deeper into the skin. Eye creams are not absolutely necessary; in most cases you can use your regular moisturizer or face oil.


We recommend a once weekly exfoliation to remove the top dead skin layer that makes skin feel rough and causes it to reflect light poorly, giving you a shallow, dull or ashy complexion. Using a mask-scrub combo that contains alpha-hydroxy acids will help reveal a more radiant, skin.


For everyday use, SPF 30+ protection is enough however, if you expect to be out in the sun for a long period, as when playing golf or at the beach, use SPF 45 or greater. Look for products with both UVA and UVB protection and try not to use tinted-SPF anything.


Flying is tough on the skin. First, high levels of UVA come through airplane windows. Second, low humidity levels in the cabin dry skin out even more, making wrinkles more obvious. It’s important to protect your skin on an airplane, especially with your Skin Type. Here’s what we recommend prior to flying: use moisturizers such as a face oil or face serum, always apply SPF 30 sunscreen prior to makeup, simplify your makeup by wearing none at all or a waterproof mascara and eyeliner, and follow with a hydrating lip balm or lip gloss. Right before landing: spritz some face mist; dab a little bit of the face serum on the eye area, and dab the face oil over face, neck, and hands to replenish and lock-in moisture.


Your skin loves moisture. Protect your skin from the sun as best as you can, and decrease excessive sun exposure. Exfoliating ingredients, moisturizers and a daily sunscreen with SPF 30+ are recommended even for darker skin types.

*Resistant skin has a healthy solid barrier. Your skin rarely stings, reddens, or develops acne allowing those with resistant skin to use most products without reacting. However, the irony is that most over-the-counter skin care products may not be potent enough to penetrate the healthy lipid barrier and deliver results. This is why KOKOBÉRNA customers see instant results; the ancient formulating techniques we use preserve the life-force of the indigenous West African plant ingredients in their purest yet concentrated form.


Our skin diagnostic uses Baumann's (2004) science-based skin-type classification system comprised of 16 distinct Baumann Skin Types®.