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Introducing DIVINE ORIGIN™ Multi-Peptide Hydrating Mist, the holy grail of mists and a luxurious skincare solution meticulously crafted to revitalize and rejuvenate skin. Encased in a stunning UV-protective glass bottle, this remarkable mist harnesses the power of the bottle's biophotonic technologies to preserve and enhance the vibrational essence of distilled essential plant hydrosols, delivering transformative results with each delicate spritz.

Elevate your skincare ritual with DIVINE ORIGIN™ Multi-Peptide Hydrating Mist, designed to provide a plumping, illuminating, and hydrating boost to your complexion. Whether you've just cleansed your face or seek to lock in moisture as the final step in your morning, anytime, or evening routines, this mist envelops your skin in a gentle embrace, unveiling its natural radiant glow.

But the benefits of this mist extend beyond everyday use. Ideal for post-treatment care following exposure to strong sunlight or outpatient cosmetic procedures, it soothes and replenishes the skin, addressing common skincare concerns related to premature signs of aging. From acne, psoriasis, dryness and dehydration to fine lines, oxidative stress, photodamage, impaired skin barrier, inflammation, and even neurodermatitis, DIVINE ORIGIN™ Multi-Peptide Mist is a multifunctional solution for a multitude of skin care challenges.

One of the key advantages of this exceptional mist is its ability to enhance penetration, allowing the potent organic ingredients to effectively repair and restore the dermal-epidermal junction. The proprietary hydrosol complex, featuring frankincense, rose, and turmeric, interacts synergistically with vital protein structures such as laminin, integrin, and various collagens. Frankincense offers rejuvenating properties, promoting cellular regeneration and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Rose extract provides intense hydration, while its anti-inflammatory qualities calm and soothe the skin. Turmeric, renowned for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, helps improve skin tone and texture, combating environmental stressors.

Additionally, DIVINE ORIGIN™ Mist incorporates a proprietary blend of aromatherapeutic essential oils, including helichrysum immortelle extract, neroli, and myrrh. This combination not only delights the senses with its soothing aromatic experience but also oxygenates the skin barrier, locks in moisture, and forms a luminous veil of protection against environmental pollutants and low-humidity spaces.

The efficacy of this mist is further enhanced by carefully selected ingredients such as marula seed oil, sugar cane juice, purified tripeptide, tetrapeptide, bio dynamically enhanced flower essences, and gluconolactone. Our marula seed oil, sourced from the African continent, delivers nourishing fatty acids and antioxidants to promote skin elasticity and hydration. Sugar cane juice, rich in natural alpha hydroxy acids, gently exfoliates, leaving the skin smoother and more radiant. Purified tripeptide and tetrapeptide work in harmony to stimulate collagen production, improving the skin's firmness and reducing the appearance of fine lines. Bio dynamically enhanced flower essences provide an added boost of vitality and harmonize the overall composition of this exceptional mist. Gluconolactone, a gentle polyhydroxy acid, helps to maintain the skin's natural moisture balance while providing mild exfoliation even for delicate skins prone to hyperpigmentation.

Don't just take our word for it – our satisfied customers sing the praises of DIVINE ORIGIN™ Multi-Peptide Hydrating Mist.

One delighted customer exclaims, "We adore this hydrating mist made with freshly harvested botanicals for a soothing aromatic experience. This spray is TSA-friendly, making it an ideal gift for travelers to quench thirsty skin while jet setting or those residing in dry, arid environments."

Another enthused user raves, "The Holy Grail of mists, a fine texture envelops the skin in a halo of freshly harvested botanicals. This hydrating cocktail effectively oxygenates the skin barrier and locks in moisture. Offers a luminous veil to protect skin against environmental pollutants and low-humidity spaces."

Notably, DIVINE ORIGIN™ Multi-Peptide Hydrating Mist has garnered attention and recognition in the beauty industry, being featured in Byrdie's 50 Best Luxury Gifts of 2023, further solidifying its position as a sought-after skincare gem.

Elevate your skincare routine with DIVINE ORIGIN™ Multi-Peptide Hydrating Mist. Experience the harmonious fusion of nature's finest ingredients, meticulously selected to nourish, replenish, and restore your skin's natural beauty. Unlock the radiant glow within you and embrace the transformative power of this extraordinary mist.


The world’s most exquisite anti-aging hydrating face mist featuring scientifically researched organic natural botanicals, peptides, plant oils, and skin loving antioxidants. Luxury African skin care beauty brands anti redness acne hyperpigmentation prevent moisture loss kokoberna
DIVINE ORIGIN™ Mist Sale price$255.00 USD

Rose Flower (Rosa damascena) Hydrosol

Helichrysum Immortelle (Helichrysum italicum) Extract

Bioactive Amino Acid Peptide Complex

Marula (Sclerocarya bierra) Seed Oil

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7 reviews
  • Cindy
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    5 Stars

    Fantastic….moisturizing and light.

    Refreshes the skin.

  • Martha B.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Refreshing & sensual

  • Cindy K.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Very hydrating!

    I will definitely purchase again.

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