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ÈDÍYÈ ÍDÉM™ Smoothing Polish

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Luxurious and sensual treatment leaves the skin glowing and soft as silk.

Deserving of royalty, EDIYE IDEM™ Body Polish is an intoxicating gommage inspired by sacred hammam rituals of ancestral Western and Northern African monarchs and ancient Ayurvedic rituals. Adaptogenic herbs, roots, and ancient grains offer unique penetrative powers to thoroughly polish, soften, and brighten the whole body throughout the seasons. The supremacy of the smoothing polish leaves skin silky and ready to receive the anointing of youth restoring ÈDÍYÈ ÍDÉM™ Beautifying Elixir.

A little goes a long way. KOKOBÉRNA therapeutic botanical skincare products are nutrient-rich and potentized through a proprietary bio-dynamically enhanced process that elevates the medicinal value of the indigenous herbs we use in our African Botanical Complex ™. Our 50ml jar of ÈDÍYÈ ÍDÉM™ Body Polish will last approximately 4-8 weeks with twice weekly application on face and body.


          Before use, shake well; twice weekly, massage onto soaked skin from neck to toe, then rinse thoroughly.  Tired skin cells are sloughed away to leave skin polished and smooth, perfectly prepared for hydration.

          Dosage: 1 tablespoon, desired amount

          Aroma: Woody, earthy, smoky

          Texture: Opaque extra-fine grain gel

          Suited to: All skin types, excluding skin with sensitive nerve endings

          Accompany with: Refreshingly aromatic, follow with Ediye Idem Body Oil to replenish moisture, restore lost lipids, soothe dryness, and soften skin.